5 Top Benefits of Opting Dental Implants for Your Teeth

5 Top Benefits of Opting Dental Implants for Your Teeth

There are countless reasons for the loss of teeth in individuals. It includes tartar and plaque accumulation, tooth decay, improper oral hygiene, gum disease, etc. So, it is essential to replace lost teeth because ignoring it can grow into a much bigger issue with time.

Dental implants in Roseville, CA are a permanent solution for those that do not want to get bridges, caps, or dentures installed. They not only replace the affected tooth but also the root also. Implants offer tons of aesthetic perks. However, they also play a vital role in the overall mouth functioning.

Who Are Dental Implants for?

Dental implants are appropriate for all individuals dealing with missing teeth regardless of gender and age. However, there are plenty of factors that go into when, how, and if you cater to the requirements for implants. It includes:


Are you a regular smoker? Do you have radiation therapy to your neck or head region don earlier? Do you suffer from unmanageable chronic diseases like heart stroke, diabetes, etc.? If yes, the dentist near you will evaluate your health to ensure you are a suitable candidate for implants.


Another essential factor that affects long-term implant success is age. Adults or kids need to wait till their face growth has finished properly. For boys, the age is 18 and for girls, it’s 16.

Healthy Gums and Sufficient Supportive Bone

Patients need enough supporting bone and healthy gums for dental implant installation. If they are missing it, then they may require bone augmentation.

For the best answer depending on your unique case, consult with the dentist near you today.

5 Benefits of Getting Dental Implants

Here is the list of dental implant installation benefits:

Enhance Your Oral Hygiene

Getting implant dentistry treatment also improves the overall oral hygiene of the patients. As you know, bacteria and food garner in the spaces and pockets made by damaged or missing teeth. However, when these spaces get filled with an implant, it becomes less prone to decay. Furthermore, a full tooth set is much easier to clean.

Implants do not need you to buy special products for caring for or cleaning them. Patients can floss and brush the similar way as they do with their original teeth. All you need is to keep up your good oral hygiene routine and visit the dentist regularly.

Prevents Bone Loss

Individuals with tooth loss usually lose bone mass in the jaw. Jaw bone requires stimulation when the teeth link to it to maintain the mass. Implant replace jaw bone stimulation and prevent bone loss.

Blend Well with Original Teeth and Restores Biting Functionality

Implants are available in countless sizes and shapes. Implant dentists will create the implant that matches the color of your remaining teeth while fitting them perfectly in the space created by the missing tooth. No person will recognize the difference between implant teeth and original teeth.

Dentists insert the implants in the jaw with the titanium post. They replace tooth roots and let you bite with the same biting force as you use with your original tooth. It helps you restore your biting functionality in no time.

Prevent Alteration in the Facial Shape

Teeth support our facial structure. However, when the teeth are missing, you lose that support, which leads to a change in face shape. Dental implants near you offer the same support for the face as your original teeth. Thus, it prevents facial shape change.

No Slipping and Do Not Decay

The biggest advantage of dental implants is that they won’t get cavities. However, patients still need to take care of artificial teeth to prevent the bacteria build-up in the mouth.

If you have dentures installed earlier, you sometimes feel worried about eating food, speaking, and laughing because it can shift inside the mouth. But there is no such hustle in dental implants. They are anchored strongly in their position. Therefore, you will feel no embarrassment at all while going outside.

Restore Your Full Smile Today

Whether your teeth get damaged from severe trauma or tooth decay, implant dentistry helps you restore your complete smile. Implant dentists at Smile Shine Dental use safe methods and state-of-the-art technology for successful implant installation.

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