Defend Your Teeth: Discover the 5 Advantages of Wearing a Mouthguard

People who participate in sports and some physical activities are prone to accidents. Therefore, they should wear appropriate protective gear. They may wear helmets, cleats, face masks, chest protectors and shin guards. In addition, dentists encourage them to wear mouthguards to avoid dental trauma. Read on to learn about mouthguards in Roseville, CA.

Types of Mouthguards: Which One Is Right for You?

Mouthguards are appliances that cover the teeth, gums and jaw for protection or treatment. They are made from a medical-grade plastic material. It allows the inclusion of hard or soft layers within the device. The dentist near you can recommend a mouthguard to treat bruxism, sleep apnea or prevent dental trauma during sports. Below are some types of mouthguards.

  1. Stock

This type is pre-formed or ready-to-wear. Stock guards are found at chemists, supermarkets or sporting goods stores. They are a one size fits all dental guard ready for immediate use. Although inexpensive and convenient, they do not protect your teeth adequately. They do not cover the teeth well and may cause talking and breathing difficulties.

  1. Boil and Bite

These guards are made from a clear thermoplastic material softened by hot water. When you want to use a boil-and-bite mouthguard, pour hot water over it and then bite into it. This allows the material to mould around your teeth and accommodate the shape of your teeth. As a result, boil and bite mouthguards provide better protection than stock mouthguards.

  1. Custom Made

These types of mouthguards are made by a dentist using an exact impression of your teeth and jaw. The dentist will take your dental images and then send them to a lab to fabricate the guard. As a result, your device will fit perfectly and comfortably in the mouth. It will offer maximum defence against dental trauma and allow you to breathe and talk well.

Custom-Made Mouthguards for Sports and Physical Activities

Custom-made mouthguards in Roseville, CA, are recommended for people who play contact sports. They are also ideal for those who participate in activities with a high fall risk, like biking, gymnastics, or ice skating. A dentist will fabricate a suitable mouthguard for your sport or activity. They may recommend the mouthguards below for you or your child.

  1. Starter: These are recommended for young kids participating in hockey and football. They have a single-layer design that provides adequate protection during the game.
  2. Aero: They are ideal for people participating in sports with a lower risk of dental trauma, like netball or basketball.
  3. Pro: these guards help provide high protection during sports like hockey and rugby.
  4. Extreme: they have thick dual-layer protection suitable for people participating in high-contact sports. They protect teeth during sports where a facial injury is most likely, such as kickboxing, boxing, and rugby.

The Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard During Sports and Physical Activities

Wearing a mouthguard while participating in sports and physical activities has several advantages. Below are some of them.

  1. The device absorbs the shock to your teeth, gums and jaws during physical impact. As a result, it will help you avoid chipping, breaking, knocking out your teeth and damage to the tooth pulp.
  2. Mouthguards help prevent soft tissue injury due to the impact on your mouth during sports. They enable you to avoid damage to your inner cheeks, lips, tongue and gums.
  3. Wearing a mouthguard protects your mouth from trauma. This saves you money that would have been used in reparative dental treatments. For instance, they prevent tooth avulsion saving you money to replace the tooth.
  4. A mouthguard prevents damage to oral appliances like braces. It also protects restorations such as dentures, bridges, crowns and implants.

Common Misconceptions About Mouthguards

People have some misconceptions concerning mouthguards. One of the common ones is that mouthguards help prevent concussions. No credible research proves this, as mouthguards are designed to protect your mouth. Therefore, coaches encourage players to wear protective gear that can prevent concussions. These are helmets, cages and visors and are worn alongside the mouthguards.


Defending your teeth using mouthguards ensures you have a healthy and attractive smile. Get custom-made mouthguards for you and your kids from Smile Shine Dental. Our expert Dr. Sidhu in Roseville, CA, will customize them based on your sports or activities.

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