Sealants in Roseville, CA

Dental Sealants

Most parents find it challenging to teach their children proper brushing and flossing techniques. However, when children begin getting their permanent teeth, excellent oral health habits are essential in order to avoid the effects of tooth decay. Therefore, it’s advisable for parents to consider sealants in Roseville, CA as a means of enhancing their children’s oral health.

Dental sealants are a preventive measure to protect molars from tooth decay. Our dentist near you will apply a protective coating to these back teeth as a means of keeping cavities from forming. Sealants near you guard the surface of teeth against bacteria, acid, and other forms of decay and are especially important for children and their oral health. Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu offers the protection of dental sealants.

Benefits of Sealants

Molars tend to retain food particles in their crevices and can be difficult to thoroughly clean with just brushing and flossing. These lingering particles break down into acid which causes the surface of these back teeth to decay and results in cavities. By covering molars with sealants, Dr. Sidhu can help reduce the risk of cavities from forming. This is especially beneficial for children as their back teeth push through the gums.

During an appointment, our dentist in Roseville, CA will apply the sealant coating to the grooves of molars and use a special instrument to ensure it hardens and adheres to each tooth. Over time, sealants can be reapplied if necessary. They significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay which enhances long-term protection against cavities and helps children maintain good oral health.

Sealant Protection

Sealants protect teeth from material that causes tooth decay, especially in children. This protection can save time and money for parents by reducing the risk of cavities and future dental treatments such as fillings. In addition, sealants can be applied over surface areas that may show signs of early decay. This prevents further damage to the tooth. Of course, sealants don’t take the place of excellent oral health habits in either children or adults but they are an excellent preventive measure against tooth decay.

Dr. Sidhu provides sealant protection for your family. Contact Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu for information about getting sealants near you.

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