Dental Implants or Dentures

Dental Implants or Dentures: Making an Informed Decision

What are Dental Implants?

They are small screw-like metal posts that replace missing teeth. Dental implants typically work by replacing the roots of teeth, creating a stable foundation for reinstating the exterior. After installing a dental implant in Roseville, your dentist will place a dental crown over it to complete the treatment.

What are Dentures?

They are oral appliances that replace multiple missing teeth at a time. Typically, dentures were renowned for replacing all teeth, specifically for toothless patients. However, you can benefit from dentures for a few missing teeth. You would need a partial denture, which works for at least four missing teeth in a row.

​Advantages of Dental Implants

  1. Durability – most dental implants last for over 20 years. Patients that take good care of their mouths after dental implants can keep their teeth intact for a lifetime.
  2. Sturdiness – although no dental appliance can rival natural teeth, dental implants are nearly as strong.
  3. Optimal functionality – dental implants replace the entire tooth structure, comprising a root and a crown. Therefore, patients that replace their teeth with dental implants regain optimal oral functionality.
  4. Permanent solution for tooth loss – since dental implants replace tooth roots fast, they are permanent. You can only remove them through another dental surgery.

​Advantages of Dentures

  1. Multiple tooth replacement – then chances are the ideal appliances for replacing more than 4 missing teeth in a row. Better yet, you can replace all your teeth if you are toothless.
  2. Noninvasive tooth replacement – you do not need surgery to benefit from dentures. Instead, you can opt for removable dentures.
  3. Regain functionality – your oral function will be limited when you lose one tooth, leave alone more than four. Dentures replace multiple missing teeth so that you can speak and eat normally.
  4. Esthetic benefits – dentures restore your missing teeth while reinforcing support to your facial muscles. You will never appreciate the benefits of teeth in your facial appearance until you have lost many of your natural teeth at once. Dentures help restore youthfulness.

Dental Implants VS. Dentures

The battle between dental implants vs. dentures has been ongoing for many years. Both dental implants and dentures are incredible oral appliances for replacing missing teeth. However, they work differently and require dissimilar dental work and protocols to achieve desired results. The comparison between dental implants and dentures is evident in the following areas:

  1. The number of tooth replacements at a time – a dental implant can replace one tooth at a time while dentures typically replace as many missing teeth as possible.
  2. Removability – you cannot remove your dental implants unless by way of surgery. Contrary, dentures are removable unless you prefer to have them affixed to your jawbone.
  3. Invasiveness of the procedure – you need oral surgery to get dental implants, but it is not necessary with dentures. The only reason you would need surgery to get dentures is when you have to get dental implants to support your dentures.

Even though dentures and dental implants are quite different, they can work together to achieve incredible results. At Smile Shine Dental, we have employed dentures and dental implants together to achieve a permanent solution for multiple tooth loss. Ideally, a technique called all-on-4 implants allows a dentist to install between four and eight dental implants in your jawbone that will support a denture. Through this method, you can replace all your missing teeth with both dentures and dental implants.

​Consultation with a Dentist

Ultimately, your journey to tooth replacement should begin and end with a dentist in Roseville. Liaise with a dental expert specialized in dental implants vs. dentures to determine the best solution for replacing lost teeth. Some of the areas you will benefit from a consultation with a dentist are:

  1. The number of teeth that need replacement – your dentist may recommend dentures instead of dental implants for multiple missing teeth.
  2. The permanence of the procedure – if you need to replace your teeth permanently, your dentist may recommend dental implants in Roseville or permanent dentures in Roseville. However, a denture without dental implants will suffice if you would rather have a removable solution.
  3. Your oral health – unless you’ve consulted your dentist beforehand, you will not be able to know whether you can get dental implants or not. Dentists can only perform dental implant procedures on patients with healthy mouths. Therefore, any infection in your mouth affecting your gums or jawbone will disqualify you from getting dental implants.
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