Dental care can be expensive. Most dental insurances cover costs for preventive or routine procedures as set forth in their policies. This may include regular exams and cleanings, fillings, or extractions. Certain policies may also cover other dental treatments, either partially or in full.

The costs of some dental procedures, particularly those considered to be non-essential or cosmetic in nature, are not covered by dental insurance plans. In these cases, financing or other payment options are required outside of insurance.


Some treatments and procedures are not covered entirely by insurance. Therefore, some dental care teams offer financing services. These may include payment plans through their office or a third party. It’s essential to consult your dental office about financing options before undergoing any dental procedure or treatment. Then you can choose the right plan for your needs.

Accepted PPO Insurances:

Other Payment Methods

Alternative payment methods are accepted for dental treatments and procedures. These include cash, major credit cards, checks, CareCredit, and Lending Club. CareCredit is a credit card designed to help you pay for healthcare costs not covered by insurance in monthly installments.

Contact your dental care team for more information about insurance and financing.

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