Children's Dentistry in Roseville, CA

Children's Dentistry

It’s vital for people to learn the lifelong habit of good dental hygiene as children. They need to learn how to brush their teeth correctly with fluoride toothpaste and how to floss. Another part of good oral hygiene is developing a good relationship with a dentist at a children’s dentistry.

Why is Going to a Children’s Dentistry Important?

One of the primary reasons to take your child to a children’s dentistry is to receive care, especially for kids. That starts in the waiting room with our bright, welcoming colors on the walls. Also, we offer books, toys, and magazines kids can busy themselves with while waiting to see one of our dentists at Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu in Roseville, CA.

Kid-Sized Exam Rooms

A children’s dentistry makes their young charges feel welcome by having furniture and tools the perfect size for small mouths and bodies. Although family dentistries take care of young patients, most of the furnishings and dental tools are adult-size instead of kid-size.

Fortunately, our exam rooms and instruments at Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu are fit for children from toddlers to early adulthood. Our dentists in Roseville, CA have their young patients in mind when outfitting them for small children because the instruments are designed for their mouths. Also, the rooms for older children have instruments that fit comfortably in their mouths as well.

Routine Services

Our patients receive the best care at Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu because we offer the best services for kids. From routine examinations, cleanings, preventive services, or root canals, our young patients’ teeth receive the best care possible.

We also offer everything from dental sealants to prevent cavities, clear braces, and other services like custom mouthguards for young athletes to preserve their teeth. At Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu, we also offer the latest in dental technology, which has all but eliminated the discomfort that many kids experience during visits to the dentist in Roseville, CA.

By using dental lasers, we can offer nearly pain-free dentistry when filling cavities, doing root canals, or replacing a tooth. If you’re looking for a great children’s dentistry in Roseville, CA, contact us to tour our facility and meet our dentists to find out if they are the right fit for your family.

Other Services

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