Mouth Guards in Roseville, CA

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are valuable for those who play sports, grind their teeth, and others. There are different types a person can get depending on what they’re looking for. At Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu in Roseville, CA, we can fit you with a custom mouth guard for maximum comfort and function.

At Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu, we want you to know about the types of mouth guards available. This knowledge can help you decide what to get.

Over the Counter

Over-the-counter mouth guards can be bought online or at stores. They’re cheap and easy to find, but that’s it. They’re not recommended by us, or other dentists, because they’re bulky and don’t fit well.

A poorly fitted mouth guard will get in the way and won’t offer protection. If you can get either of the two other options, that would be much better.

Boil and Bite

Boil and bite mouth guards can also be found at department stores. These aren’t made specifically for you, but they can be adjusted. You place the mouth guard in hot water to soften it, and then put it in your mouth.

Since it’s softened, it’ll shape itself around your teeth. It’s more expensive than over the counter ones but much better and more useful.


Custom-fitted mouth guards are the best a person can get. You go to the dentist who will take measurements of your teeth and send them to a lab. The lab will create a mouth guard that fits your oral cavity perfectly. We can do this for you here at Smile Shine Dental Practice of Dr. Sidhu as we have the knowledge and technology needed.

Custom mouth guards can provide the maximum comfort a person can get. If you’re playing sports, they won’t bother you or affect your performance. For those who need to wear them at night, these will be comfortable enough that you can sleep in them.

Additionally, the better a mouth guard fits, the more protection it can offer. If protection is also your priority, then custom-fitted mouth guards are the way to go.

Getting and living with a mouth guard might take some time to get used to, but if it fits properly, the adaptation will be much faster.

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