Is a Root Canal As Strong As a Real Tooth? A Patient’s Perspective

Is a Root Canal As Strong As a Real Tooth? A Patient’s Perspective

Your natural tooth is unique and is expected to remain in your mouth for a lifetime. You become vulnerable to receiving a root canal, a treatment to eradicate dental pulp infections inside the tooth, causing excruciating pain and lingering sensitivity to temperatures besides affecting the adjacent teeth and your jawbone. Therefore there is a stark difference between your natural teeth and a root canal.

The lack of adequate knowledge about this tooth-preserving treatment is a crucial setback to root canals. To adequately address this issue, dentists try to understand and identify the factors that discourage patients from receiving this treatment. Studies reveal there is a paucity of awareness and acceptance of root canals among the Southeast Asian population, resulting in further studies to understand the patient’s perspective of this treatment. The studies revealed a lack of awareness among people regarding root canal treatments. Therefore it was determined that more attention is necessary among the American population about the significance of maintaining a healthy mouth and the consequences of not doing so. The awareness will help more patients consider root canals to preserve the natural tooth instead of getting it extracted.

What Type of Dentists Perform Root Canals?

Most dentists perform root canals to help eradicate dental pulp infections. However, the specialists in the business are endodontists who perform a couple of root canals every day, than dentists who may perform a root canal every week. Therefore if the dentist near me suggests a root canal to clear the infection inside your tooth, you don’t have to fear the treatment because the dentist would have acquired training to perform the therapy during their time in dental school.

If recommended root canal therapy in Roseville, CA, you can rest assured you will receive the treatment from an experienced dentist with intensive training and knowledge to eliminate the pain inside your tooth and save it from extraction. Therefore if you are enduring an excruciating toothache in a specific tooth, you find it beneficial to undergo the treatment instead of leaving the tooth untreated because it eventually results in tooth removal.

How Painful Is a Root Canal?

It is challenging to think root canals are painless because of the myths spread about the therapy. However, the reality is entirely different because you experience no pain when receiving this treatment from the dentist in Roseville, CA.

When you arrive for your appointment to receive endodontic therapy, the dentist x-rays your tooth to assess the severity of the damage before giving you local anesthesia in the mouth and sedation if you are affected by severe dental anxiety to ensure you feel no discomfort when the dentist works in your mouth.

Of course, pain after a surgical procedure is expected, and you will feel discomfort four to six hours after removing the infection from your tooth. However, the dentist ensures you don’t experience severe discomfort by suggesting or providing a prescription painkiller to help alleviate pain during your recovery.

What Does a Root Canal Involve?

A root canal involves the removal of the pulpal tissue to prevent and intercept, besides protecting the disinfected tooth from further infections from bacteria. Endodontic therapy helps remove the diseased dental pulp from inside the tooth, clean the canals and reshape them before filling them with a rubber-like biocompatible material gutta-percha with adhesives. Eliminating the infection inside your tooth helps preserve it to restore its strength and functionality to last you for many years.

The Roseville dentist also provides adequate instructions on your mouth care after undergoing root canal therapy. They advise you not to eat crunchy and hard foods soon after receiving your treatment, suggesting that you subsist on soft foods during your recovery. In addition, they advise you to clean your mouth as usual by remaining careful near the treated tooth to prevent irritation and pain.

After you recover from the endodontic treatment, you must visit your regular dentist to restore the tooth with a permanent dental crown to ensure it has the strength, size, and appearance to function as your natural tooth.

A root canal strengthens your tooth by eliminating an infection within it, and advice to restore it after treatment for full functionality for several years after receiving the treatment. Your tooth is undoubtedly durable and robust but needs help from dentists performing root canals if it gets infected from within to make you feel severe pain and become a victim of other complications that might affect your general health. Therefore, root canal treatment is more vital than your natural tooth because it helps preserve it.

Smile Shine Dental performs many root canal treatments helping patients preserve their infected teeth. In addition, the therapy helps patients find relief from the pain they experience besides having their natural teeth for use for several years. Therefore if you experience pain in a specific tooth, consult this practice and receive endodontic therapy from them to benefit your tooth.

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