Smile Freely With Teeth Whitening Treatment

Smile Freely With Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are you ashamed of smiling freely? Did you postpone that dinner night because you feel embarrassed at your teeth’ unpleasing color? Well, you can smile freely and even beautifully with teeth whitening in Roseville.

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment that involves whitening and lightening discolored or stained teeth with professional dental cleaning and whitening agents.

The basic and most important way of keeping healthy teeth is by brushing and flossing our teeth daily. However, we might need extra steps when it comes to getting a whiter or brighter teeth color. And this is why teeth whitening has been made available to give your teeth a brighter or whiter shade.

Professional teeth whitening, also known as in-office teeth whitening requires the help of a qualified dentist. Although we can brush our teeth with different kinds of toothpaste. However, there are some persisting stains on the teeth that require professional teeth whitening by the dentist. This is because the kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes we get over-the-counter might not be effective enough when it comes to intense teeth whitening. Also, some home whitening kits could do the job but it is more advisable that you seek the opinion of your dentist before getting home teeth whitening kits for yourself. Dentists know more about the teeth structure and are in the best position to advise us concerning dental guidelines.

Teeth whitening is an effective treatment but teeth whitening is not for everyone. Some people might have teeth sensitivity and teeth whitening agents would only worsen the condition. Also, some medical and dental conditions might not allow teeth whitening treatment to be an open choice. People who smoke without practicing good dental hygiene might not benefit from teeth whitening like others with simple stains. However, this doesn’t mean that teeth whitening is not an option for smokers but constant smoking after getting a successful treatment might weaken your teeth and make teeth whitening treatment unavailable for you. In this case, other dental procedures could stand in for teeth whitening. You can seek advice on other treatment alternatives from a dentist in 95661.

During teeth whitening treatment, an impression of your teeth is taken by the dentist. Also, before the treatment begins, the dentist would guard your gums with a protective shield that prevents the whitening agents from penetrating your gums. After your gums have been protected, the whitening agents would be applied to your teeth and the dentist would allow a heating lamp to run through your teeth to make the whitening agents get deeply absorbed by the teeth. The dentists would do this over and over again if required until the whitening agents become effective. You can get the best teeth whitening treatment from a dentist in Roseville, CA. Also, your location is never a barrier as teeth whitening is performed in almost all dentist’s offices. You can get teeth whitening near you.

Reasons Why The Teeth Gets Stained

At our early stage in life, most of us have a white set of teeth but over time our teeth start to change their color.

  • The kind of foods and drinks we take is one of the high possible causes of teeth discoloration. Of course, food is good and it gives the body energy thereby making us healthy and strong. However, eating unhealthy foods can be detrimental to our dental health and general health as well. Foods like pasta and other foods filled with starch and drinks like coffee, red wine, and tea can stain our teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene can prevent a higher risk of getting our teeth stained. When we brush and floss immediately after eating these foods or taking these drinks, we can clean off the particles that are stuck on the teeth.
  • Smokers are not exempted. Constant smoking of tobacco and nicotine can put your teeth at a higher risk of discoloration. We often think that the nicotine from cigarettes or tar from tobacco is colorless. However, this is not true. When nicotine or tar mixes with oxygen, it turns into a yellowish substance. If these yellowish substances continue to stick you the teeth, it becomes hard to remove the stains caused by it. Teeth whitening might not be effective for smokers if they continue to smoke even after getting successful teeth whitening treatment without practicing good dental hygiene by brushing immediately after smoking and visiting the dentist regularly for professional cleaning.
  • Age is another aiding factor that causes teeth discoloration. The outer part of our teeth which is the enamel begins to become weak and thinner over time thereby allowing the dentin (a yellowish layer) beneath the enamel to show clearly. With more brushing, the enamel continues to lose its strength thereby allowing the dentin’s color to show better than before.
  • The teeth can also get stained due to accidental events. When people experience teeth damages and injuries, the heavy blow or force could cause the enamel to become weaker and allow the dentin below the enamel to show its yellowish color more clearly.
  • The use of drugs like tetracycline and doxycycline can cause the teeth to become stained. This happens more in younger ones who are growing a new set of teeth. Also, patients who receive head and neck radiation and chemotherapy can experience teeth discoloration.
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